Book Review: Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll

Every time Emma Carroll publishes a new book I rush out to buy it, and I’m never disappointed. She has been declared “The Queen of Historical Fiction”, and if you are looking for historical novels aimed at the MG audience there is no finer writer.


In this tale she has turned her skill to the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922 and with her usual flair has woven a plot mixing historical facts with fictional characters and discoveries. Be prepared for mysterious deaths, notes written in hieroglyphs, an epic journey and brave, resourceful characters.


The story cracks along at a fast pace, the central child protagonists; Lil, Tulip and Oz are delightful. There is exactly the right amount of intrigue, themes of family, friendship and bravery are touched upon and I loved the parallels drawn between friendships separated by several millennia. I am sure that children from Year 4 upwards will be happily carried along on this dramatic adventure and it would also make a fabulous class reader or bedtime story.


This book is a wonderful addition for any school to run alongside the teaching of Ancient Egypt in KS2. Look out for it in the school library or classroom bookshelves!

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