Review: Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Spiders by Katie and Kevin Tsang

sam wu spiders

With its eye catching bright orange cover, illustrated with trademark flair by Nathan Reed, the latest outing for everyone’s favourite brave boy, Sam Wu, leaps at you like a hunting arachnid. Sam asks his best friend Bernard why he is spending so much time researching spider facts, to discover the uncomfortable prospect that the sixth- graders are due to visit his classroom with the Tarantula that resides in their science lab!

Sam’s class are so excited by the prospect of this visit that Ms Winkleworth has “to write four names on the Not Listening Board and clap her hands SIX times” to settle everyone down!

Eventually Mr Dougal arrives with four kids from the sixth grade and Tulip, a Goliath bird-eater tarantula, the size of a kitten. Although he assures the class that Tulip is not aggressive and that tarantulas rarely bite humans, Sam is less than convinced and needless to say he is relieved when the visitors depart rapidly after Tulip displays some less-than-friendly behaviour towards Regina Zinkerman.

However, when Sam and his friends go to the sixth grade classroom, to deliver the batch of questions their classmates have compiled, they are met with panicked scrambling and the information that “Tulip’s on the loose!”

Can Sam catch the tarantula and prove to his nemesis, Ralph Zinkerman the Third, that he is not Sam Wu-ser and he is definitely NOT afraid of spiders? You will laugh out loud at the chaos and pandemonium caused by Sam, his little sister Lucy’s cat, Butterbutt (wrapped in a tin foil protective outfit), an over-excited classroom rabbit and a school-full of nervous children!

The cartoonish illustrations and graphics by Nathan Reed, vibrant font effects, alongside the kinetic storytelling make this book a hugely enjoyable one. I highly recommend it for anyone age 7+.

This is #Book8 in my #20BooksofSummer Challenge hosted by Cathy at 746Books.

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