Review: Fractions in Disguise by Edward Einhorn

fractions in disguise


I absolutely adore books which teach or reinforce learning in the guise of an entertaining story – and Fractions in Disguise: A Math Adventure certainly falls into this category. The author Edward Einhorn has written a fast-paced story based on equivalence and simplification of fractions which has been beautifully illustrated by David Clark, resulting in an eye-catching and engaging story which will make fractions fun for primary school children.

George Cornelius Factor is crazy about adding fractions to his collection and when he hears that a rare 5/9 is being put up for auction, he is determined to buy it. He is joined at the auction house by Baron Mathematik and Madame de Géométrique who are also putting in bids for this much sought-after fraction. However, another fraction collector is also in pursuit – Dr Brok, who is “rumoured to have been fired for the illegal possession of a 4/0.”

When the precious fraction goes missing from the auction house, Dr Brok, with his ability to disguise fractions by turning them into equivalent but different-looking fractions, is the main suspect! Can George, equipped with his new invention, the reducer, find the missing fraction and bring Dr Brok to justice?

With its simple explanation of numerators, denominators and how fractions can be reduced to their simplest form, this humorous adventure will spark an interest in the mathematics of fractions for even the most reluctant of young mathematicians. The text is straightforward for readers of 7+ and the colourful illustrations are beautifully designed to aid understanding of the concepts involved. 

I would highly recommend this book for every school library, and encourage every child who is learning about fractions for the first time to read it.





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