Review: The Caveman Next Door by Tom Tinn-Disbury


This quirky and original story is the debut book as both author and illustrator for Tom Tinn-Disbury who has previously illustrated children’s books written by others.

A warmly humorous tale, it recounts the difficulties of fitting into the modern world for Ogg, the caveman next door. Fortunately for Ogg he has a willing helper and friend in Penny, who does all she can to help the discombobulated Ogg to adapt to his new surroundings. It is a classic “what if” book which taps in perfectly to the imaginative thoughts of an audience of 3 to 6 year-olds, highlighting exactly the sort of differences that young children seem to notice, for example Ogg doesn’t have TV or wear socks! My favourite part of the book is when Penny decides to commence her mission to help Ogg at the library “it was her favourite place”. Unfortunately the librarian gets very annoyed when Ogg starts eating the books, the illustration of the librarian hopping with annoyance made me snort with laughter (I must try to get a print)!

Ogg s misadventures continue in hilarious style as he travels around the town with Penny, but the next day Penny discovers Ogg s talent for illustration, when she sees his cave paintings. She takes him into school as her “show-and-tell” which turns out to the benefit of everyone.

A funny and engaging book which explores themes of kindness, patience and taking the time to discover someone’s hidden talent. It is a beautifully produced hardback with an attractive font and colourful, quirky illustrations with plenty of detail for young readers to explore. Highly recommended for ages 3-6. 


My thanks to New Frontier Publishing for my gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.

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