Review: McTavish on the Move by Meg Rosoff


This is the perfect book for anyone who longs for a loyal and super-smart pet dog, or anyone who enjoys realistic family stories or for any child who might be anxious about a house or school move.

In case you have not read any other books in this series, McTavish is a rescue dog, who knows that it is his duty to rescue the Peachey family – Ma, Pa, Ollie, Ava and Betty from danger or harm. He is the perfect pet!

This story starts with Ma and the children being extremely worried by Pa’s unusual behaviour – he is acting happy for the first time that anyone can remember. The author, Meg Rosoff, brilliantly captures the family’s discomfort and confusion at Pa’s change in attitude, caused by the prospect of his new job. This will involve moving to a new house, which most of the family are quite happy about. However, Betty the youngest member of the family is apprehensive about starting at a new school and it is up to the wonderful McTavish to make things right.

From an adult perspective, this is a delightful and humorous family story, produced with Barrington Stoke’s usual care and attention, an enjoyable read for anyone in Key Stage 2 and particularly suitable for dyslexic readers with its off-white paper and clear font. The family members are all fully-developed characters and the family interactions are beautifully observed. There is a gentle message contained within the humour for any child who might be nervous about moving house or joining a new school, with the addition of Betty’s rules for making friends being a lovely touch.

I am very grateful to have been sent a review copy by Toppsta and Barrington Stoke..

7 thoughts on “Review: McTavish on the Move by Meg Rosoff

      1. We have a few little gems as Littlefae isn’t dyslexic but has been reluctant to move beyond pictures so this has been a way of squeezing more text into her actually reading independently with pictures!!

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      2. Sorry that I haven’t replied before now; my course assignment has completely dominated the past week! I agree that the Little Gems are wonderful too, in fact there seems to be a far greater range of less text-heavy books available now than there were 15 years ago.

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      3. Thank you! I’m enjoying it very much, but hadn’t quite realised just how many hours work it would require on top of the day-job, family commitments etc. Rather limiting my reading/blogging time, but will be worth it eventually 😀

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