Review: Eco Rangers Wildfire Rescue by Candice Lemon-Scott



I was extremely fortunate and grateful to be invited to the first bloggers event hosted by the lovely people at New Frontier Publishing, and amongst the wonderful books they gave me was the third Eco Rangers adventure. I decided to read and review this book first as I know how that it will be grasped by eager hands as soon as I take it into school! Wildfire Rescue was written before the start of the wildfires that devastated much of Australia at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020, the timing of its publication brings home the damage caused in an accessible way to primary school children.

Twelve year old Ebony and her best friend eleven year old Jay commence this story searching for injured animals in the bush land on the edge of town. As they make their way through the charred and blackened scrub there is still an orange glow in the sky and the smell of smoke lingering in the air from the recent conflagration, accompanied by an eerie silence due to the lack of birds and insect life.  They discover a ringtail possum, with blackened, burned feet. Remembering all the care techniques that they have been taught by the vets at the wildlife centre they carefully wrap the injured animal in a sheet and cool its paws with the contents of their water bottles. As they race to the animal hospital, their sharp eyes spot signs that someone has been using the campsite which is supposed to be closed during the fire season!

Throughout the rest of the story you just have to marvel at the care and kindness demonstrated by Ebony and Jay to the injured animal and to the mystery campers whom they discover. The author makes clear the danger to both humans and animals caused by wildfires, and also the remarkable ability of the landscape to recover.

Once again Candice Lemon-Scott imbues her story with a love of the environment and provides 10 tips for budding Eco Rangers at the end of the book. Wildfire Rescue will help educate children about the natural hazards faced in Australia as well as introducing them to a lesser-known Australian animal, the ringtail possum. I expect this book to be hugely popular with all children aged 7+ who love to discover new information about the natural world and be simultaneously entertained by a gentle adventure.


I am most grateful to New Frontier Publishing for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


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