Blog Tour: Flamingo Fashion Audiobook written by Samantha Hunter, narrated by Michael Maloney

Cover Illustration by Maggy Roberts

I think that the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of great quality digital resources for children’s well-being and literacy. This debut rhyming story by Samantha Hunter is being released first as an audio book and it certainly ticks all the criteria that I seek in an audiobook aimed at a young audience.

Author Samantha Hunter

Firstly, the opening music on the audiobook sets the mood so perfectly, preparing children for a fun and enjoyable experience. The story itself is imaginative, humorous and charming, equally appealing to boys and girls. It is a beautifully crafted rhyming tale of two fashionista flamingos who decide that their fellow inhabitants of the African plains are just too drab and in need of a makeover!

The language is beguiling and will introduce many young listeners to rich vocabulary and ideas which help to build the hinterland of knowledge so important for learning, as well as exciting children about words and rhythm and rhyme. I particularly love the rhyming of Copacabana with Savannah! Of course the amusing animal makeovers lead to all kinds of chaos revealing the important message at the heart of the story that:

“You’re perfect the way that you are.”

Finally, the narration by Michael Maloney ( from The Crown) is utterly delightful. His range of expression and accents is astonishing and brings the story to life in captivating fashion. I can imagine young children mimicking his pronunciation of many lines of the story thus engendering a love of words and playful interaction with language which ignites a joy in stories.

I hope that schools and families will add Flamingo Fashion to their electronic collections. At 5 minutes in length it is perfect for those transition points in the day when a jaunt to a kooky boutique on the African savannah will lift the spirits.

There is a website from which the story can be purchased and which also contains fun, practical activities for children based on Flamingo Fashion, you can access it by clicking this link. Profits from the sale of the audiobook go to LitWorld a children’s literacy charity.

My thanks to Helen at LiterallyPR for inviting me to join the blog tour and sending me the audiobook. Do check out the other stops on the blog tour hosted by my fellow children’s book enthusiasts.

4 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Flamingo Fashion Audiobook written by Samantha Hunter, narrated by Michael Maloney

  1. It’s refreshing to read a review of an audiobook for a change. Although I’ve never been fully converted myself my sons used to love them, especially on long car journeys. They are a boon to teachers at times too!

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    1. As one of my 3 is dyslexic I’ve been a huge fan of audiobooks for many years. At primary school they ensure that none of the language and storytelling structure is lost and the ability to listen repeatedly to set texts at GCSE is an absolute boon. My own enjoyment of them is entirely dependent on the narrator!

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  2. Thank you so much for this lovely and thoughtful review Veronica! I have to admit that savannah and Copacabana is my favourite line too!😊. My kids are already impersonating Michael’s narration…the crocodile’s “now I have nothing for tea” and the lion’s laugh are a couple of examples.
    I am going to start working on a teaching pack to go alongside the book to support any teachers who are interested in using this.
    Anyway, thanks so much again for taking the time to listen and share your thoughts.
    Yours fashionably,

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    1. Sorry for the delay in replying Sam, I’m a couple of weeks away from submitting final assignment for my course so I’ve been rather neglectful of my blog. It was a great pleasure to review your audiobook, I’m sure it will be greatly enjoyed and I know that teachers and librarians always love a teaching resource. All the best 😊


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