About this blog

There are many absolutely fantastic book blogs catering for the children’s book market so I am grateful to you for taking the time to visit mine. My main motivation for starting this blog was to review as many books as possible from the shelves of our school library, as a guide for our pupils, I stick QR codes inside the book covers so that reviews can be scanned on iPads during busy times in the library. One of my main professional goals is to try to direct children to a book which they will want to read for pleasure. If these posts guide anyone else to a book that brings them enjoyment then I will be very happy.

I have always been a bookworm, I thoroughly enjoyed the years when I was able to read bedtime stories to my own children and now I hope to encourage others to discover the marvellous worlds contained within the covers of great books. I think we are lucky to be living in a golden age of  literature aimed at young readers. There seem to be so many fantastically talented writers creating wonderful stories and non-fiction books for children on every subject imaginable – I hope my posts  will help you discover your next favourite!

My work responsibilities include teaching children to be kind, positive and helpful online, therefore I only post positive reviews of books which I genuinely enjoy and can honestly recommend for a young readership.

Many of the books reviewed have either been purchased by me or borrowed from the school or public library. When I receive a free copy of a book from a publisher I will always state this in my review.

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